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AirLink Smart Home Starter Packages
Baby camera -Remote-Tuya.JPG
Solar PIR Camera
Solar PIR Camera
Video Door Bell
eu RGB plug.png
RGB strip.png
RGB plug.png
ZigBee | Bluetooth | Sigmesh  | Smart Home Pack 

AirLink Combo ZigBee and Bluetooth Gateway connects with max 128 devices a smart alarm system, no ethernet cable required. The APP SmarLife is a friendly easy add sensors. Each connected devices appear in the SmartLife application the pack is included 1*  Hub host 
1* Smoke detector (ZigBee)
1* PIR pet friendly (ZigBee)
1* Door & Windows sensor (ZigBee)
1* Power supply 5V

smart gateway alarm.PNG
2.4GHz WiFi Ağ Geçidi + 433MHz
wifi gsm gateway.png
2.4GHz WiFi / GSM Birleşik Ağ Geçidi + 433MHz
smart wifigsmgateway.PNG
AirLink WiFi Universal Infrared Remote C
AirLink WiFi Evrensel Kızılötesi Uzaktan Kumanda
2.4 GHz kablosuz  Akıllı LED Ampuller 
wifi switch panel-3.png
wifi switch panel -2.png
switch panel.png
2.4 GHz kablosuz  Uzaktan ve panel  Aksesuarlar
Smoke sensor alarm.PNG
door alarm.PNG
switch 90-250V 10.png
 Akıllı DIY Duvar Işık Soket Modülü
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