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Bluetooth Master-Slave Combined Solution

An application based on iBeacon technology enables highly precise personnel positioning. By deploying iBeacon beacon devices and combining advanced positioning algorithms and data analysis, we can monitor and track personnel's location information in real-time. This application can be widely used in various scenarios, including indoor navigation, security management, marketing analysis, and personnel traffic control, providing users with highly personalized and accurate location services. Our solution not only delivers outstanding performance but also safeguards user privacy, ensuring data security and reliability, offering an advanced personnel positioning solution for various industries

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AirLink offers a mini DC & USB UPS series, which provides an uninterrupted power supply for various home network equipment. Our rechargeable Li-ion batteries have enough energy to keep devices such as an ADSL modem, Wi-Fi wireless router, IP cameras, electric locks, access control systems and more, operating at output powers of 5V, 9V, 12V, and 24V. This ensures that your equipment remains powered, even during power outages, keeping your network connected and secure.

mini DC UPS series.PNG

The streaming application is utilized for live streaming, where the video captured by the camera is converted into the RTMP format, allowing for seamless integration with online video platforms.

The Solar Battery Powered system is a comprehensive solution that includes a Solar PV panel, a solar controller, Li-ion batteries, and a solar holder. This plug-and-play design allows for an easy installation and can power various outdoor devices such as APs, CPEs, and CCTV cameras. The goal of this system is to provide a convenient and effortless method of powering multiple devices.

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AirLink 802.11ac/ax WiFi USB Dongle, 2.5G LAN USB, masa bilgisayarınız veya dizüstü bilgisayarlar için PCIE wifi kartı DIY, cihazlarınızı internet hızı için ithal eder, akış için internet hızınıza ne kadar hızlı ihtiyacınız var?

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